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The Dhamma Aid Asia project ("DAA") has been brought to a close.


We wish to thank our donors, supporters and all who have worked with DAA in one way or another. Together, we made a humble but significant contribution to the Sasana in Asia. 

This website will be maintained temporarily as a record of our past activities.


Our Objective


Dhamma Aid Asia is dedicated to assisting Asian Buddhist organisations in the field of Dhamma education.

Our Purpose


For millennia, Asia has been greatly enriched by the Buddha's teachings, giving rise to great and peaceful civilisations. However, in recent times, countries across Asia have been affected by political conflicts, rising consumerism and aggressive ideologies. Although Buddhist communities throughout Asia have largely managed these challenges, many find difficulty in rebuilding their cultural and religious heritage. As these communities make the transition into modern society while recovering from past events, there arises a great need to reclaim their religious heritage, be re-educated in the Dhamma and to strengthen their self-confidence.

Dhamma Aid Asia was initiated in Malaysia as a heart-felt response to assist this situation. While many Buddhist communities across Asia have difficulty in finding the resources to rebuild their religion, Buddhists here and in many other countries often have a surplus.  Dhamma Aid Asia seeks to address this disparity by creating the medium for Buddhists who seek a wiser and effective way to support the Buddha Sasana.

We are strictly non-political and ensure all our publications are similarly non-political.
We are not for profit and have a policy of not accumulating funds.  We are a full volunteer organisation working from home and thus, incur minimal operating costs. All expenses of volunteers on field trips are borne by themselves. Our projects are conducted after establishment and with direct support of a trustworthy local network.

Dhamma Aid Asia is a project of the "Persatuan Perkembangan Ajaran Dhamma" (Dhamma Development Society) registered in Malaysia in March, 2011.

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